Mid-century modern orange and lime tumbler.


Dimensions: 9.5cm high, 6cm diameter
Code: GLASS 0422

Vintage, 1960s Yera glass with orange band around the base and lime repeating triangle pattern around the upper part, sourced from the Chettinad district of Tamil Nadu, South India. The brand on the bottom of the glass looks like Yera, though it is worn. This was an Indian brand launched in 1958 by the Alembic group that was founded in 1907. Alembic is one of the oldest industrial houses in India, and its glass business was set up because India’s requirement of glass bottles was being met by imports from Europe. The Second World War caused an abrupt break in the supply chain. As a result, Alembic had no bottles to package its pharmaceutical products ad so developed and produced its own by 1948, going on into other glassware later and still produces to this day. Engraved on the side of the glass is the initials SST added later, this is because the Chettiars typically belonged to large joint families, with each branch of the family owning very similar objects of their diasporic heritage. It was important to etch their belongings, valuable or utilitarian, with initials clearly indicating ownership. In good condition with no chips or scratches.


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