Crystal Churis (Bangles)


Dimensions: 7.5cm outer diameter, 6.5cm inner diameter, 1.5cm high.
Code: GLASS 1822

This stunning set of two green agate crystal bangles was handmade by artisans in the blue city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. For the last 150 years the family has practiced this traditional craft and remains the bangle supplier to the royal families. Bangles are an important part of the culture in Rajasthan and in most Rajput households, bangles are compulsory to wear, especially during weddings and for brides even after marriage. Today the custom is not strictly enforced, but it is still considered auspicious and there is a distinct protocol of mixing colours and styles to ensure a happy marriage and familial harmony.

The bangles are made by melting and moulding glass with mud in hot furnaces. Once usable glass is extracted, it is exposed to more heat from the furnace after which they are converted into wire-line structures. The glass wires are then cut and joined in circular shapes of different diameters to fit different wrists. The process of cutting glass is a tedious one. While experienced bangle makers can make normal glass bangles within three to five minutes, the special crystal bangles take much longer and involve the hard work and craftsmanship of many artisans, specialising in cutting, shaping, and decorating the ornamental glass.


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